About Us

The RBS Way: To serve our community’s fuel needs with industry leading safety, efficiency, innovation, and unwavering commitment to our people.

Our History

R.B. Stewart’s history tells a story of dedication, resilience, and the pursuit of excellence. Born from the vision of W.G. Stewart in 1932, our enterprise has blossomed over nine decades, turning a dream into reality.

Our founder’s small operation, meeting the needs of local farmers and others, is now a large-scale fuel distribution powerhouse dedicated to bringing fuel to communities across the country. Throughout our tremendous growth, our community focus and support have never wavered.

Our biggest turning point came in the early 2000s, when we transitioned from a branded reseller of fuel to owning our first transport truck and trailer. It might not sound like much today, but this one acquisition was a watershed moment.

Today, we handle thousands of fuel loads, a testament to our operational scale and efficiency. Our fleet has grown in tandem: we now have over 100 trucks and trailers on the road, with services extending across many states.

R.B. Stewart embodies a unique blend of innovation and safety, carrying a storied past while striding toward a promising future.

R.B. Stewart yellow trucks parked

R.B. Stewart driver in front of truck

Who We Are

Along the way, we’ve become more than just a company. We’re a family. Ask anyone here what they’re most proud of and they’ll likely point to the relationships we’ve built and the communities we support.

At R.B. Stewart, we do more than fuel vehicles: we fuel communities. We invite you to be part of our ongoing journey, driving towards a brighter tomorrow.

The RBS Way

At R.B. Stewart, “The RBS Way” has been part of the lexicon since our inception. While it’s always centered around the idea of doing the right thing, the right way, all the time, everyone on our diverse team seemed to put a slightly different spin on it.

So, in 2020, a dynamic group of employees from Accounting, Maintenance, IT, and HR reached out to every member of R.B. Stewart, asking what “The RBS Way” means to them. From the insightful feedback, this team crafted a unified vision of the company’s ethos that resonated with all of us. Today, “The RBS Way” is a testament to our collective spirit and shared values.

Join Our Team

Are you looking to enter a dynamic growing industry with one of the most stable and respected fleets in the country? R.B. Stewart has multiple opportunities in positions supporting our entire organization.